Special News Report from We Make It News

There’s a false impression that a recent news article by the Maryland Independent creates and we’d like to clear it up now.

At last night’s public hearing of the Board of Commissioners regarding Charles County’s draft Comprehensive Plan, the number of citizens who spoke out against this awful plan greatly exceeded the number of individuals speaking out in support.

117 citizens signed up to speak AGAINST the plan; 42 signed up to speak FOR the plan; and 15 signed up as NEUTRAL.

This piece of critical news was left out of the Maryland Independent’s article and that certainly doesn’t help citizens sort out what really happened at the public hearing.

Indeed, one of the major takeaways from last night’s public hearing is that the citizens of Charles County are very angry about the development lobby’s plan for more sprawl development in the county.

Please remember to sign the Smarter Growth Alliance for Charles County’s online petition asking the County Commissioners to dump the development lobby’s terrible plan — Go to: http://www.savecharlescounty.com/

Also, help spread the word! Please remember to “like” the Facebook page of the Smarter Growth Alliance for Charles County — https://www.facebook.com/SmarterGrowthAllianceForCharlesCounty

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