Charles County’s Plan for More Sprawl Development is Blasted by State Delegate C.T. Wilson

WATCH the video.

9From our interview with Delegate Wilson:

“The reckless growth is not just about the environment. It’s very important to preserve the environment. But if you think about the value of your home, if you think about how overcrowded your schools are, how crowded the roads are, the fact that gas is going up, that taxes are going up, and they keep building houses and cramming people everywhere – your house value won’t go up. If your schools are more crowded than they should be, people won’t want to buy your house. This is everybody’s issue. People need to be very concerned with how this county moves forward.”

The Board of Commissioners are expected to vote soon on an updated Comprehensive Plan for the county. A public hearing that would allow the citizens to make their voices heard hasn’t been scheduled yet.

It is widely expected that Commissioners Bobby Rucci, Debra Davis and Reuben Collins will ultimately vote to approve the controversial and much maligned plan favored by Charles County’s development lobby, the Balanced Growth Initiative.

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