Story of Osprey Rescue in Poignant New Video

WATCH the video.

13Marylanders who live around the Chesapeake Bay and its waterways have likely gotten used to seeing ospreys and hearing their high-pitched calls. But there are also probably plenty of people who take these raptors for granted and do not understand the delicate balance between nature and mankind.

Like the American Bald Eagle, which was impacted by DDT, the osprey population has rebounded. But there is no doubt that humans have both educated the public about and impacted – through the centuries – where, why and how these majestic birds travel, nest and survive.

My wife and I live in a waterfront home on the historic Port Tobacco River in Charles County, Md., and have grown very fond of the ospreys that migrate to our river every spring (their home is a nesting box on top of a mooring near our pier). We relish watching the adults raise and feed their young as well as studying the juvenile raptors as they learn how to hunt and fly.

However, nothing could prepare us for the day we were asked by a neighbor to help rescue an adult osprey that was wrapped in fishing line and to aid in getting the badly injured bird to someone who might be able to rehabilitate and save it.

Best wishes from Maury and Debra

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