SHHHH … Don’t Talk About Portable Classrooms, Overcrowded Schools and Overdevelopment

WATCH the video.

Despite what some policy influencers contend about school overcrowding in Charles County, it’s clear that there are parents who aren’t happy about portable classrooms and redistricting, as We Make It News has learned.

The issue of school overcrowding can’t be massaged to fit a particular agenda or be downplayed when it comes to land-use planning and approving more residential development. Just because some developers faithfully pay toward new infrastructure and fulfill their end of the financial bargain doesn’t counter the reality that too much residential development is a major cause of overcrowded schools.

If state funding is slower to come for school construction and is formulaic, it’s the responsibility of county and elected officials to take this into account and stop approving more residential development if they realize that the financial puzzle has a piece that doesn’t fit.

The county commissioners and board of education may have integrated into long-standing policies that redistricting and portable classrooms are acceptable, but we’re now discovering that there are lots of parents – as well as two county commissioners (Candice Quinn Kelly and Ken Robinson) – who clearly understand that planning and approving additional development must include examining the school-capacity situation, listening to citizens’ and voters’ concerns and finding solutions.

Video and audio pieces for We Make It News are produced by Tobin Communications.

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